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"better made than a Kelly Kettle... being smaller than a Kelly Kettle it is easy to look after... it's brilliant and pretty much flawless." Read review by Robert Twigger, author, explorer, firelighter, UK, August 2012. www.roberttwigger.com



mKettle SAS seen in Trail Magazine, April Gear Guide 2012. Still the only UK manufacturer! www.livefortheoutdoors.com


"Functions according to the Volcano principal. Traveling Far and Wide perhaps the mKettle is the right companion..." Read review (in German) by Land Der Berge magazine, Austria, February, 2012. www.landderberge.at



"I have a one pint Kelly Kettle... it will now be retired. The mKettle is so small it will fit in the side pocket of my rucksack... I think it is safe to say, I love it!" Read review by The Bushcraft Magazine, UK, Autumn issue 2011. www.bushcraft-magazine.co.uk


"Made in Britain, this compact lightweight storm kettle will boil water for a couple of hot drinks or a packet meal within 3-10 minutes. No need to carry fuel, just collect a few twigs... small enough to slip into a stocking!" Read review by Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine, UK, issue 35 Winter 2011. www.bushcraftmagazine.com


"having tested 80% of the market I have to say [mKettle SAS] is certainly my favourite and will have its place in my kit for years to come... it will last a lifetime." Read review by Mike Dixon of Stoneage Bushcraft, UK, November 2011. www.stoneagebushcraft.com



mKettle has the fastest boil time of any stove tested...  almost one minute faster than Kelly Kettle Trekker. and boil times (in Finnish) by Retki Magazine, Finland, October 2011. www.retkilehti.fi


"Transfers heat extremely well from flame to water. Neoprene sleeve stays cool as water boils. You can use it as a canteen, too. Base nestles inside canteen's chimney for compact storage." Read review by Wired Magazine, San Francisco, CA, USA, September 2011. www.wired.com



"It was surprising how little fuel it required and how much heat was generated... Would I buy one? Yes." Read review by bikepacking Ian Barrington, UK, August 2011. www.ianbarrington.com


"Overall a well thought construction that works and doesn't need any special or long training... a great bargain." Read review in German by Outdoor-More, Germany, July 2011. www.outdoor-more.com


"Whether you're a proper British naturalist doing you best Charles Darwin impression or just an outdoors enthusiast with a hankering for piping hot, fresh tea, the mKettle is a must for your hiking kit." Read review by 24thLetter, July 2011. www.24thletter.com


TGO Recommended, Rating Four Stars, Chris Townsend. "It boils water well... Efficient, quite light". TGO Magazine, UK, August 2011. www.tgomagazine.co.uk


"the arrival of the mKettle raised a clamour amongst the open boaters and sea kayakers on our test team as they jostled to get their hands on this compact, light, natural fuel kettle." Read review by Canoe & Kayak Magazine, UK in issue (124) July 2011. www.canoekayak.co.uk


"and the power went down across the world, I would, at least, be able to make a nice cup of tea, thanks to this marvellous British gadget" Read review in Financial Times' How to Spend It, Special Travel Edition, May 2011. www.ft.com


"mKettle offers way to boil water without the bulk or hassle of stoves, fuel canisters or pumps... kit that's easy to use..." Read review in Father's Day Gift Guide 2011 by Outdoor Life Magazine, USA. www.outdoorlife.com


"mKettle is a great bit of kit." Follow Esther and Warren's epic four year bikepacking trip around the globe. mKettle first spotted in New Zealand and now California! The Sportswool Diaries http://estherwarren.wordpress.com

"Look, Ma! No heavy fossil fuel can! We got this beauty to boil two cups of water in just 3 1/2 minutes first try with twigs..." Read review by Petersen's HUNTING Magazine, IL, USA in (Field Test) issue July 2011. www.petersenshunting.com


"Used by sea kayakers where weight, size, and function are critical. Watertight for transport." Read review by Sea Kayaker Magazine, Seattle, WA, USA in issue June 2011. www.seakayakermag.com



mKettle seen in TRAIL Magazine, UK Spring 2011 issue. Peter "PTC" Macfarlane using mKettle to make a brew while testing tarps in the Scottish Highlands, UK.


"The mKettle is very lightweight and a nice compact size, which means carrying the unit is easy and it disappears into any hatch without any trouble... it lacks small, fiddly components that could break or require servicing... it is extremely well made, reasonably priced, reliable and also fun to use." Read review by Ocean Paddler Magazine, UK in issue OP25 April 2011. www.oceanpaddlermagazine.com 


"it's compact enough for motorcycle travel. Provision with freeze-dried meals that can be reconstituted in the pouch with boiling water, and this could be the only cooking implement you need no gas, no canisters, no pots." Read review  by Overland Journal, Prescott, AZ, USA in issue Gear 2011. www.overlandjournal.com 


"I am very pleased with the quality of the mKettle. It is smaller and nicer than I thought it would be. I have all sorts of stoves and water boilers from alcohol stoves to a MSR Reactor and your kettle is by far the nicest. The brute simplicity is a thing of beauty and knowing that I never need fuel is a huge plus... A full boil in about four minutes. Definitely a keeper!" Jarrett Dorough, Middletown, CT, USA, March 2011.


"mKettle attributes- Compactness, weight, easily transportable without protection... performance is excellent" Read review (in French), photos by Carnets d'Aventures Le Voyage Nature Magazine, CA23, Chorges, France, March 2011. www.expemag.com


mKettle seen in TRAIL Magazine, April Gear Guide 2011. How to buy a Stove. "mKettle... place meths or solid fuel in base to heat integral pot" The only UK manufacturer! www.livefortheoutdoors.com


"There is something undeniably romantic about using wood to cook a meal or boil water... a direct competitor to the original Kelly kettle... owning both I think that I would reach for the mKettle every time now.  Its neat design and compact size means that it is a pleasure to throw into your pack." Read review by James Boulter,  Nottinghamshire, UK. http://backpackingbongos.wordpress.com/


"Stoves- We test 12 of the best available... [mKettle] a modern take on the old Kelly Kettle... is simplicity personified. The purists will absolutely love this." Read review

by Total Carp Magazine, UK in March 2011 issue, All the Gear, Buyers Guide Stoves. www.totalcarpmagazine.com


"I'm happy with the mKettle as a wood and meths burner... and I'll be putting my Kelly Kettle on eBay. This is much more compact." Derek "Nobby" Clark, Wolverhampton, UK.


"Gear Review- mKettle-A cool way to boil and carry water, all in one package... we tested wet-fire tinder and alcohol burners... The twig burning method was incredibly fun... Once you figure it out, it becomes easy to have water boiling in six minutes..." Read review

 by Backpacker Magazine, Boulder, CO, USA, February 2011.




"The amount of wood required was surprising ... as it required very little, literally what you could bend down and pick up in one hand... At exactly 6 minutes and 30 seconds from putting a match to it I had a steady rolling boil..." Read review by Stuart Wright, Llanbrynmair, Powys, Wales, UK, February 2011. http://welshridething.blogspot.com


Snow Hiking/Camping in Japan. "mkettle is splendid... designed so it can be used in backpacking light..." Read review (in Japanese), photos and video by Hiroshi-San, Last-Chance-GearTochigi Ken, Japan January 2011.   http://ulgstore.exblog.jp/14692024/


"I'm very impressed with the compactness and the build quality. The neoprene wrap-around is a godsend..." Steve Fletcher, London, UK.


Coffee in the Snow. "This kettle is awesome and works fantastic." Benjamin Moryson, Frankenberg/Eder, Germany. www.hrXXLight.com


"The mKettle is a triumph of industrial and aesthetic design, culminating in a marvelously practical and efficient means of boiling water while on tour, or merely playing on knobbly tyres in the great outdoors.." Read review by Brian Palmer, Islay, Argyll and Bute, Scotland, UK. www.thewashingmachinepost.net/mkettle


"The snow has been interesting, so has the mKettle, it works!" Chris Townsend, Grantown-on-Spey, Scotland, UK, December 2010. www.christownsendoutdoors.com



"Looks SUPERB, works amazingly well... we use ours daily" Wilderness Guide, Isle of Islay, Scotland, UK, November 2010. www.wildwoodwisdomcoop.org.uk


"boil time about right, simple and functional etc - overall great product. Think its simplicity could appeal to people, especially as a natural, endlessly reusable source of a brew..." Dr. Vivian "Viv" Scott, Edinburgh University, Scotland, UK.  


"I am very pleased with the mKettle. The size is just right for slipping in the pack. Much as I love my Kelly Kettle I have tended to leave it behind a lot as it was too bulky, especially for a solo outings. The mKettle has found its way into a permanent spot in my pack." Read review by John Kelly, Glasgow, UK, October 2010. www.songofthepaddle.co.uk


"It's AWESOME, I used it this weekend." Ryan Jordan, Bozeman, MT, USA, October 2010. www.ryanjordan.com


"I've been using a Kelly Kettle for years, but haven't found it useful for days out hiking and biking because of its bulk. The mKettle is great because of its compact size and carry bag. I can hang it from my pack, or even from my belt, or the back of my bike. This makes it much more versatile and useful. And to be honest, I like the fact that's it made in the UK - not China - so the extra cost is, to me, worth it." Manda, West Yorkshire, UK.



"I'm ditching my Jetboil [for the mKettle]. This little device has changed how we pack for the trails." Chris, Berkeley, CA, USA.


"It works! Just what I have been looking for all these years... The neoprene grip is far superior to the handle and chain on my old Kelly Kettle."  Sue, Charlottesville, VA, USA.



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