Ultra Light Kettle Co.

(a division of Spinform Metals Ltd.)

Unit 8

Weights Lane

Weights Lane Business Park


United Kingdom

+44 1527 66217 UK

sales [at] mKettle.com


Composition: Hard Anodized Aluminium, British Standard ISO10074:2010


Weight: 370g (13 oz)


Capacity: 530 ml (18 oz) About 1 Pint


Dimensions: 17cm (7”) Tall by 10cm (3.75”) Diameter


Pack: Fitted Rip Stop Nylon Carry Bag with D-Rings


Fuel: Solid, Eco-friendly, No Gas-canisters Required; Successfully Paired With Trangia (Sweden), White Box (USA), and Evernew (Japan) Spirit Burners.


Boil Time*: About Six to Ten Minutes, Six If You Are Good!


Transport: Use Stopper to Carry Water


Storage: Space for Matches Fire Starter Inside Firebase


Origin: mKettle, Nylon Bag, and Neoprene Sleeve all MADE IN THE UK


Cooking Accessory: mKettle Ti Cross Stand. Titanium, MADE IN USA, Nestles Inside mKettle Chimney When Not Used.


*Fastest Boiling Times Recorded:

6 min 13 sec. Last Chance Gear, Japan. Using Trangia Burner.

6 min 00 sec. Wired Magazine, USA.

6 min 00 sec. TGO Magazine, UK. Using Meths.

5 min 39 sec. RETKI Magazine, Finland.

5 min 38 sec. Backpacker Magazine, USA.  Using Sticks.

5 min 01 sec. Canoe & Kayak Magazine, UK. Using Dry Twigs.

4 min 46 sec. Last Chance Gear, Japan. Using Wool (yes, wool)!

3 min 30 sec. PRO Venture Products, South Africa. Using Meths/w White Box.

3 min 30 sec. Petersen's Hunting Magazine, USA. Using Dry Twigs.