Ultra Light Kettle Co.

(a division of Spinform Metals Ltd.)

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Weights Lane

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United Kingdom

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sales [at] mKettle.com

Using your mKettle

1. Remove stopper. Fill water chamber with water only. Do not overfill. Do not replace stopper. NEVER boil mKettle dry. NEVER boil mKettle with stopper in place.


2. Fill mKettle’s firebase with combustible materials (eg twigs, small sticks, dry grass, pine cones). Place mKettle on top of the firebase.

3. Light mKettle through the hole in the firebase, feeding additional fuel through the chimney.


4. Once water is boiling, remove mKettle from firebase touching only the neoprene sleeve.


5. Extinguish flames in firebase with excess water.

With extended use you will notice some discoloring of the mKettle, this is expected and will not affect the properties of the mKettle.